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The CMOS-MagView by Matesy is another tool available at International Magnaproducts for scanning magnets. It uses a high resolution CMOS camera sensor combined with several polarizing filters to exploit the Faraday Effect. This is when a magnetic field causes light particles to rotate in a certain fixed direction corresponding to the direction of the field.

Faraday EffectTechnical Features

Magnetic field viewing and measurement device  
Analysis of polarity, homogeneity, distribution of the magnetic material, magnetization properties  
Measurement time: 1 Second  
Field range: -100 to 100 kA/m  
Sensor size: maximum of 45x60 mm  
Geometrical resolution: maximum of 25 μm (depending on sensor and camera)

There are four different sensors available. Each has a different sensitivity and measurement range. Our MagView Includes the B sensor which is 20.5 x 15.5 mm and has a range from -31kA/m to 31kA/m. This provides enough sensitivity to distinguish credit card strips through smaller neodymiuminfo-icon magnets.

Sample Output
Here is the kind of output that can be expected from the MagView. It provides a clear view of the fields on the surface of the magnetinfo-icon. The graph on top provides a profile of the field strength across both the length and width of the sensor.  
Different profile tools can be selected to perform different analysis on the image. An angle selection tool is included to verify correct function of multipole rotor magnets.
Using the angle tool to measure pole pitch       Different profile tools available
The display can be changed to view the magnetic field in 3D. This 3D view provides the user with a much better sense of scale than the regular 2D view. This is because the pole orientation can quickly and easily be distinguished by the height of the field. The user has full control over the 3d view, and can manipulate the perspective to their desire.
Sample 3D plot output 
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