An IMI instrument for analyzing magnetic fields of permanent magents.
3-D Contour Maps
Z Plan View
Cross Section View of the Y-Axis
Warehouse Facilities - 30,000 sq.ft


International Magnaproducts, Inc. continues to research the most up-to-date, cost effective materials as well as sourcing the most consistent producers of high quality material. We supply many types of magnetic materials, including Alnico, Ceramic, Neodymium, and Samarium Cobalt magnets. We take pride in that our company is dedicated to providing the most professional and extensive manner of qualifying the materials we sell. We stand behind every material and sale.

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IMI has complete magnetic testing capability including Gauss meters, Flux meters, and a Redcliffe MagScan for field plotting as well as our new magnetic optic device. We also have magnetizing capabilities with many multi-pole magnet fixtures as well as large solenoids and an Electro-Coil 150,000 ampere turns with 12 inch pole pieces. In addition, IMI has 3 Cap discharge machines capable of 400 Volt, 2000 volt, and 5000 volt machines in our warehouse in Valparaiso.

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With over 53 years established in the international marketplace, IMI has proven solutions for your magnetic needs. We source from the best multi-cultural international magnet producers and suppliers of rare earth elements in the world. We pride ourselves in having the most competitive prices as well as top quality and on time delivery rates of over 98%. IMI stocks and supplies 17 divisions of General Motors and holds JIT inventory for many customers.

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IMI's MagScan Magnetic Field Scanner

Using the Radcliffe MagScan field scanner and taking measurements of magnetic field in all three dimensions, both the magnitude and direction of the field can be displayed. Three facilities are provided for displaying vector direction including one which superimposes magnetic lines of force onto field maps.

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Who We Are

⇒ Our Mission:

Is simple: to provide the best magnetic materials and service at competitive pricing with honesty and integrity to each and every one of our customers.

⇒ Our Vision:

IMI is "global knowledge with local presence."

⇒ Our Values: 

Honesty and integrity are first and foremost benchmarks for our business transactions, and we value our customers above all because OUR success is measured by the success of our CUSTOMERS.

Our Partners