Don Coleman

Owner, President

DON COLEMAN, Owner and President, has been in the magnetics industry for over 50 years. Starting Magnaslice in 1977, his first purchase order came from a customer who manufactured car flashlights with magnetic holders.  His customer wanted to replace his high priced alnico magnet with fabricated ferrite magnet, which would be more functional and save money.   The first order was for 250,000 magnets to be used in these flashlights.  Don served his country on the USS Midway.  Afterwards, he worked for US Steel, Indiana General and Arnold Engineering, where he developed his passion for magnetics, while teaching himself practical application design and learning from engineers about their products. In 1982, he formed International Magnaproducts and it has become one of the top magnetic material distributors in the USA today. 

Jayne Gardner

Office/Supply Chain Manager

 Jayne Gardner, Office/Supply Chain Manager has 19 years in the magnet industry where her experience with maintaining solid relations with both international suppliers and customers is paramount. Jayne holds a certification in Supply Chain Management from Michigan State University that has proven vital in inventory control, INCO terms and outsourcing.  Through her background in customer relations, she recognizes each customer’s specific demands by following their specific communication and order process protocols and accounting transactions to the letter. Jayne’s hobbies include traveling, movies, and spending time with her husband and three children.

Brian Coleman

Solutions Engineer

Brian Coleman, Solutions Engineer, has 22 years in magnetics industry, and visits and works with some of the best magnetic material producers from around the globe.  Brian supports magnetic applications in office automation and industrial automation applications, specifically DC brushless motors with multipole rare earth magnetics and sintered radial magnet materials.  With a BS from Purdue University, he is uniquely positioned at IMI to visit with customers and trade show partners, and work with them to identify the best materials to meet and exceed expectations and needs with quality, price, and delivery. Brian’s hobbies include scouting, orienteering, ham radio, camping and Dutch oven cooking with his family, and he can always be counted on to find his way home.

Brenda Coleman

Warehouse Manager

Brenda Coleman, Warehouse Manager, has worked at International Magnaproducts for over 28 years with her family to help build the business into a leading distributor of permanent magnets in the US. Overseeing warehouse operations, Brenda has shipped magnets of all sizes, shapes, and weights to our customers across the world. IMI has shipped to them to our many customers with Brenda in the driver’s seat of the forklift. 

Tom Kilavos

Vice President and Sales

TOM KILAVOS, Vice President and Sales, has over 35 years of sales and customer service experience with 17 of those years here at International Magnaproducts in quality control and magnet sales. Tom enjoys the challenges that comes with working in the permanent magnet industry, from matching big name automotive OEM customers with the correct magnetic material specifications for their end-use applications to helping independent inventors realize the exciting possibilities of magnetics in a variety of diverse applications.  Tom’s many hobbies include boating, fishing, woodworking, and making Tag art in his garage workshop with his dog Molly, who frequently is mistaken for a bear.

Angie Gibson

Customer Service Manager

Angie Gibson, Customer Service Manager, and has been with IMI for 7 years. Holding an Associate of Science degree in Business Administration has proven invaluable for problem resolution with our customers and employees. If she doesn’t have an answer, she will work to find the solution. She is a trusted customer advocate and her work ethic has been an asset to IMI since day one. She is equally happy in the front of the office, on the phones or in the warehouse. Angie likes working with a team of people who are all willing to pitch in and do what is needed to satisfy our customers. Angie loves spending time with family, sewing and quilting, bargain shopping and her puppy, Angel. 

Lina Li

Buyer/Supply Chain Manager

Lina Li, Buyer/Supply Chain Manager – With seven years of experience in the magnetics industry, Lina has demonstrated excellent ability in maintaining organic relationships between suppliers and customers, both domestic and internationally.   Lina earned her Masters in Operation Research from Case Western Research University in Cleveland, Ohio.   Her expertise is in Supply Chain Management.  Lina is CPIM certified by APICS.  Besides her solid business background, Lina has strengths in both information analysis and chemical engineering, established through her international studies in Germany and China, respectively.   Lina is fluent in both Mandarin Chinese and English, which is essential in maintaining IMI’s relationships with our Chinese suppliers and vendors.  Lina’s supply chain skills have ensured that IMI enjoys 98% customer satisfaction and efficiency.  Lina is conversant in magnetic systems and technical specifications, which make her uniquely capable of working closely with our sales engineers, customer engineering and factory engineers.  Lina’s hobbies include traveling with family, cooking, playing the GuZheng (Chinese Traditional Zither) and most importantly, serving the Lord.