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Section 1 - Product Name
Product Name: Magnequench Crushed Ribbon
Section 2 - Hazardous Ingredients
Chemical Name: Iron Alloy
Material or ComponentWeight %CAS No.ACGUH TLV (mg/m^3)Notes
Section 3 - Physical Characteristics
Boiling Point: 3000+ C
Vapor Pressure: N/A
Vapor Density: N/A
Specific Gravity: 7.55
Melting Point: N/A
Evaporation Rate: N/A
Odor: N/A
Solubility in Water: Neg.
Appearance: Sliver powder
Section 4 - Fire and Explosion Hazard Data
Flash Point: N/A
LEL: of whirled dust: 165MG/M3
Extinguishing Media: N/A
Special Fire Fighting Procedures: Cover with sand. NA-X, or Lith-X. Do not use water, CO2, Halo
Unusual Fire and Explosion Hazards(s): 200 mesh powder rated as a weak explosive hazard when suspended in air with ignition at 959 F. Avoid suspending fine powder in air, as it may ignite if an ignition source is present. Probably will react with water and release hydrogen.
Section 5 - Reactivity Data
Stability: Stable
Conditions to Avoid: N/A
Incompatibility (Materials to Avoid): Strong oxidizing agents. Strong acids, and strong bases.
Hazardous Decomposition or Byproducts : Irritating dust. Hydrogen may be liberated when water or moisture reacts with fine powder.
Hazardous Polymerization: N/A
Section 6 - Health Hazard Data
Health Hazards (Acute & Chronic): Dust irritation. Cobait metal dust can cause dermatitis and possible skin dermatitis and possible skin sensitization. Eye contact may produce conjunctivitis. Inhalation may produce irritation and respiratory tract sensitization with asthma- like symptoms, including cough, dyspnea, chest tightness, and wheezing. Pneumoconiosis has been associated with overexposure to cobalt dust. Ingestion may produce vomiting, diarrhea, loss of appetite, and nausea. Possible cardiotoxicity in hypothyroidism
Emergency and First Aid Procedures:
Procedure ForProcedure
Section 7 - Precautions for Safe Handling and Use
Spill Procedure: Sweep up
Waste Disposal Method: Usual solids disposal per Federal, State, and local codes.
Section 8 Control Measures
Respiratory Protection: NIOSH approved dust mask.
Eye Protection: Protect from dust.
Skin Protection: Wear impervious gloves for powder handling.
Ventilation: N/A
Work / Hygienic Practices: N/A
WARNING: RARE EARTH MAGNETS ARE EXTREMELY POWERFUL! They have very strong magnetic forces which make them attract to other magnets and other ferromagnetic materials such as iron or steel. HANDLE WITH EXTREME CAUTION!