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No matter where you are or what magnetinfo-icon you're working with, when you need an accurate polarity check, IMI's Pole Detector tester will provide North or South pole detection at a touch of a button quicker, faster, and easier than our competitors.

With our buzzer and red/green LED indicator lights, magnetic detection and pole counting is simple. Just point, press button and watch the zero delay North/South pole identification lights to determine pole placement. Pair with our magical green magnetic viewing paper for easy visual pole counting and detection!

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150 Gauss Sensitivity withNo Worry of Demagnetizing
Pocket and pen size, with handy clip for pockets
Buzzer and LED indication
Zero-delay North/South pole identification
Safe and light in weight

Polarity Check
Error detect & analysis
Quality control
Electric motor assembly
Assembly Aid for motor and magnetic chock applications

Technical Data:
Dimensions: Approx. 143 x 22 x 19 mm
Weight: Approx.31 g. including battery
Display: 2 LED display (Green = S-pole, Red = N-pole)
Sensitivity: +/- 15 mTon/offhysteresis
Operating Temperature Range: 0oC to +50oC
Storage Temperature: -200C, to +700C
Battery: 4 x 1.5v button cell, included
Battery replacement type: LR44,L1154,AG13,V13GA,A76, 157, etc. ​