If you are reading this on a computer, own a car, have flown in an airplane, talked on a cell phone, used a video camera, or have been subjected to an MRI, we all owe thanks to the late Dr. Karl Strnat for discovering Samarium Cobaltinfo-icon magnets in 1966.

IMIhttp://www.magnetsim.com/ offers a wide range of SMCO magnets, with sizes ranging from 0.20” thick to 4.000” long, in disc, square, arc, or rectangle.  We also develop customer specific requirements for any application, size, or industry.

-Key points about SMCO magnets:

  • This material is used in many cases where it is more cost effective than using high temperature (dysprosium additive) Neodymiuminfo-icon. Since Samarium Cobaltinfo-icon is very stable at high temperature as well as severe environments, it allows for a diverse range of applications from “Space applications” to implants into the human body.
  • The material is direction dependent and once it has been magnetized it is almost impossible to reverse the direction of magnetization. Therefore, if grinding or machining is necessary to fit the size of your demand, SMCO 2-17 is not affected magnetically.
  • SMCO is very brittle – and Nickel plating is used to strengthen the material.

Physical and Mechanical Characteristics

Composition SmCo 2:1732 30 28 26 24 22 SmCo 1:524 22 20 18
                                                Physical characteristics
Curie temperature 0C 800 to 850 700 to 750
(K) (1073 to 1123) (973 to 1023)
Thermal expansion coefficient C// 10C 8×10‐6 6×10‐6
(1K) (8×10‐6) (6×10‐6)
CT 10C 11×10‐6 13×10‐6
(1K) (11×10‐6 ) (13×10‐6)
Specific heat Cal/g0C 8×10-2 9×10‐2
(J/kgK) (335) (377)
Thermal conductivity 0Kcal/mhr C 10 11
(W/mK) (12) (13)
Specific resistivity Ω‐cm 8.6X10-5 5.3×10‐5
 Composition SmCo2:17 SmCo 1:524 22 20 18
                                                   Mechanical characteristics
Deflection strength 2Kg/mm 15 18
(N/m2) (1.5×108) (1.8×108)
Vickers hardness Hv 500 to 600 450 to 500
Compressive strength 2Kg/mm 82 102
(N/m2) (8×108) (10×108)
Tensile strength Kg/mm2 3.6 4.1
(N/m2) (3.5×107) (4×107)
Young’s modulus 2Kg/mm 41.2×10 1.6×104
(N/m2) (1.2×1011) (1.6×1011)

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International Magnaproducts Incorporated (IMI) http://www.magnetsim.com (219) 465-1998 is a distributor and sales agent for permanent magnetinfo-icon producers worldwide. Established in 1982 as a result of customer requests for new and unique magnetic materials, IMI was formed to locate the best producers in the world. IMI’s mission is to assist in the design and supply of cost effective magnetic materials for their customers. We represent 28 different factories from 11 countries.